Circular Statistics

Open database for circularity and sustainability

Fast & Simple

Find the energy and CO2 performance of the materials in your product. users can easily copy the data into Excel, propose additions and make suggestions for improvements. From now on you have all the figures at hand in one overview. In this way it becomes possible for a wider group to gain quick and easy insight into the environmental impact of materials.

Circular Statistics is a digital reference book with key figures for energy, water and CO2 performance per material. The aim is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The figures are a reference for product designers, buyers, analysts and policy makers who are working towards sustainability. The basic figures are available free of charge, to enable more organizations and individuals to make sustainable material, design and purchasing choices. This is a non-profit initiative of Circular Engine and Duinn.

Accurate, reliable, transparent and usable

The database contains up-to-date figures from both science and practice. The energy and greenhouse gas performance is listed for different levels of technological progress: state-of-the-art, typical and older technology to reflect one of the most important drivers of environmental performance. The figures are indicative and the data quality level is indicated in an indicator using: low, medium, high or very high. All sources can be verified and are listed next to the figures. The figures are updated and verified every year.

The material performance can be calculated by multiplying the figure by the quantity of the material quantity. For completeness, the authors note they bear no responsibility for any decisions made based upon these figures.

Circular Engine and Duinn are launching Circular Statistics as a non-profit initiative with the aim of accelerating the transition to a circular and sustainable society. Cooperation is sought with parties that are actively working towards the same goal. Do you have questions about the figures or do you want to contribute? Let us know.